It Will Be Ok?

It will be OK.

Those 4 words have held me up when my world was crashing down, they have kept me going through my darkest nights, and given me hope, when hope was almost gone.
God has said that It will be ok, not because of what I do, or because of my circumstances, but because of Him. Sometimes life is confusing and frustrating, difficult and even terrifying. 
But it will be ok. God says so.

The God of this Universe calls to us and tells us to trust Him because He has made it so.

Sometimes that's all you need to hear, not advice, or self-help or even plans of tomorrow. But 4 simple words.
The God of the bible is a good and kind King, He holds all things in His hands and He calls out to you to trust Him.

I made this site to share with you some stories that I've written. Stories of hope and stories that might make you smile and forget your troubles for a while. God loves you and has written a wonderful story for you to learn about in His word. 
Here are my stories for you, inspired by His.