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The Black Hole Heart and the King's own Crown

Cassius the Treasure hunter searches the world for something that will heal his black hole heart. but what can fill a hole so deep?


Through the Fire

Sometimes life digs you up, scrapes, crushes and melts you. But there's a reason for it all that somehow makes it worthwhile.

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The Story of the Sun

8 Planets, many grumpy voices, 1 big job.  Find the cure to discouragement in this lovely little book.

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The Artist and the broken Vase

A wonderful Artist, a perfect Vase, and the truth that sometimes brokenness can lead to great beauty.

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It Will Be Ok

4 Simple words. 1 Big message.


The King, the Liar and a Thousand Masked Thieves

As the Great and Good King leaves His kingdom to find new and greater lands for His people, the despicable Liar and his armies plan to attack But this time, swords are replaced by masks. Citizens beware, not all who enter your gates are friends, and not all who wear crowns are kings.


The Mirror

Not all Magic mirrors show you what you want to see. But beyond despair comes great hope.


The Dark Prince and the Sons of Light

A Journey like no other. Will the Sons of light make it home, or will they fall into the schemes of the Dark Prince?

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The Rainbow Man and the World of Silent Grey

In a world of Silent grey, a special child is born. 
A story of love, friendship and sacrifice.


You are not Lost

Sometimes its the smallest things, that remind us of the greatest truths.

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The Magic Tree

An Incurable disease, a Magic tree and a big choice to make.

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The Painter who Painted God

What would you see if God made Himself visible for a portrait?
The world's greatest painter will soon find out.
A story about God's Holiness.

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In Just a Little While

If things don't seem ok, remember, they will be. In just a little While.

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The Fearful Warrior

Being afraid doesnt make you a coward. Sometimes it is the most fearful that end up being the greatest heroes.